Townscaper Dataviz

Heard of Townscaper, the game where you build pretty towns?

With this tool, you input data and it creates a little bar-chart using Townscaper houses. View it instantly in your browser!

  • type in up to 10 data points. Or paste in a single spreadsheet column! (Can't do more than one column)
  • you can put in more than 10 data points, but Townscaper's online demo has tight limits, so more than 10 probably won't render correctly
  • hit "Make a town!"
  • a link will appear below -- click it and it'll open your town in the browser version of Townscaper (at, hosted by the creator of the game). Be patient; it loads slowly. If it stalls, click the link again
  • refresh this page to create another data set
  • sometimes works on mobile? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Laptop's better lol
  • own a copy of Townscaper? I made a different tool that lets you do much bigger data sets. It's a great game, you should buy it!
  • Thanks to Álvaro Cuesta for his Townsclipper code, which I use here
  • Want to see the code for this tool? It's here